Esther & Matt

Our Story

In August of 2010, Matt moved from Los Angeles, CA to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In February 2011, Esther would do the same. And then on a cloudy day in August 2011 in Buenos Aires, we met for the first time under a large tree in Recoleta just outside of La Biela. Matt was seeking advice from a Chilean, as he had just returned from a trip to Santiago and had decided to move there. Esther was interested in getting travel advice as Matt has been to places in Asia she hoped to visit. Little did we know that day that these would all be trips we would now be planning to do together as we start a life with one another.

Below is our story though photos or various souvenirs and memorabilia from our year together, from when we met through the day we became engaged.


1. Matt's passport stamp when he moved to Buenos Aires in August 2010.

2. The tree in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, where Esther& Matt first met, August 20, 2011.

3. La Biela, the cafe where Esther & Matt went that same day August 20, 2011 for coffee.

4. El Trapiche, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires: for their first date, Esther & Matt met at El Trapiche. This is the photo taken of that first meal together that night, Matambrito de Cerdo al Verdeo para Dos.

5. This is the actual map screenshot Matt took on August 25, 2011, when he was going to pick Esther up at her apartment to go to a nearby restaurant for Pisco Sours.

6. A photo of the lollipop Matt saved from Esther & Matt's date to La Cabrera in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires.

7. The shared Subte ticket from Esther & Matt's first Subte ride together.

8. A ticket stub from our visit to the opera in Buenos Aires.

9-11. Villa General Belgrano, Argentina: Esther & Matt's first weekend away together, to (9) Oktoberfest in (10) Villa General Belgrano where they stayed at (11) Sierra Serena, a quiet cottage outside the town.

12-14. Montevideo, Uruguay: the first international trip taken, a (13) Buquebus ferry ride to (12) Montevideo. Matt still has a (14) shell given by Esther to him when they were walking on the beach there.

15. One last walk around Buenos Aires in December to the (15) Japanese Gardens before Esther moved back to Chile.

16-17: Matt's (17) flight ticket from when he (16) moved to Chile 10 days later.

18. Matt's first Christmas gift to Esther, a Christmas stocking.

19. Esther & Matt's first New Year's together, December 31, 2011.

20-24. February 2012 - U.S.A. Trip: A two week (20) trip to the United States. First stop was (21) New York where Matt showed Esther around the city he has spent more time in than any other, (21) staying at the Waldorf Astoria, riding the NYC Subway, visiting local museums such as the Moma, and sights like the (23) Empire State Building and (22) 9/11 Memorial. They then traveled to New Jersey where Matt showed Esther where he grew up and they two even went hiking on the trails Matt went on when he was a child. After New Jersey, they went to (24) Washington D.C. for a few days before flying to San Francisco where they stayed for a few days before driving down the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

25-27. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here are the (25) tickets from August 18, 2012 when Esther and Matt visited Buenos Aires. And under the same tree in which they met a year before, they got (26) engaged and celebrated at a table waiting with roses and champagne at the cafe where they sat down for the first time together a year before, (26) La Beila.